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Argus Sea Terminals Overview. Russia and neighbouring countries. Mineral fertilizers


Argus Sea Terminals Overview provides a unique analytical survey of over twenty major marine terminals for mineral fertilizers, sulphur and ammonia transshipment in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as an overview of the production and logistics of mineral fertilizers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Global fertilizer demand is growing and with it the number of marine terminals capable of handling mineral fertilizers, and large manufacturers are increasingly opening their own terminals. The result is heightened competition between terminals and technology is beginning to play a larger role in fertilizer shipments.

Overview provides detailed information on the technological capabilities of each terminal and the specifics of fertilizer transshipment and storage.

Key Features

  • Overview of main ports for mineral fertilizers transshipment in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • Existing infrastructure and modernisation and expansion plans, carrying capacity, state berth assessment, storage capabilities
  • Specifics of loading, discharging and storage at portside terminals
  • Comparison of Russian mineral fertilizer exports by rail in 2013 and the first half of 2014
  • Map of sea ports and fertilizer producers in the CIS
  • Analysis of the main mineral fertilizers producers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: production capacity, production volume in 2013, logistics and key export destinations


This study is aimed at a wide range of fertilizer market participants, including producers, shipping companies, stevedores, surveyors, traders and freight forwarders.

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