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Argus Rail Business

An Argus business intelligence service, published weekly 

The authoritative source of information about the US rail system, Argus Rail Business offers a high-value data and analytics service combining intelligent market analysis and key freight data for industry performance and price benchmarking.

The service provides in-depth policy and regulatory news, business-critical freight rate data for commodity shippers and performance benchmarking for every Class 1 railroad.

Transportation Markets Covered

  • Crude
  • Refined products
  • Natural gas and NGLs
  • Coal and coal products
  • Biomass and forest products
  • Agricultural products
  • Chemicals
  • Metals

Key Features

  • Key freight rate and commodities pricing data
  • News and analysis on rail industry trends, policy and regulation
  • Quarterly commodities statistics data and analysis
  • Railroad performance metrics
  • Waybill analysis of specific moves by commodity
  • Unique insights on rail from respected thought leaders in the industry

Argus Rail Business offers business-critical data and analysis on freight rates, railroad performance and industry trends, delivered in a prompt and flexible manner.


Anyone with exposure to US railroad performance, freight rates and regulation will find the Argus Rail Business service essential.

Subscribers include railroads, commodity shippers, transportation companies, lawyers, logistics managers, regulators and financial institutions.

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