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Argus Mexico Fuel Markets

An Argus market service, published daily

Argus Mexico Fuel Markets provides subscribers with a unique look into Mexico’s fast-changing refined products market. The new report offers delivered prices for gasoline, diesel, blendstocks and LPG, along with news and analysis.

Published daily, this service is a valuable reference point for global energy companies seeking to understand how Mexico fuel markets are changing and what this means for investment opportunities. 

Key features

  • Waterborne delivered prices for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, propane, ethanol and MTBE
  • Market-moving news and analysis
  • Logistics costs and retail prices
  • Domestic refinery statistics
  • Additional insight and pricing as market evolves

Argus news coverage includes

  • Step-by-step opening of Mexico’s fuel market
  • Mexican retail pricing policy and regulatory changes
  • Comprehensive supply and demand trends
  • Private sector investment plans in logistics and storage
  • Downstream and midstream operational developments
  • Evolving Mexico and US fiscal policies

Markets covered

  • Gasoline
  • Jet Fuel
  • Diesel
  • Ethanol
  • MTBE
  • Propane

Daily waterborne delivered prices

Refined products

  • East coast Mexico: Gasoline 87 conv, Gasoline Eurobob oxy, ULS diesel, Jet fuel
  • Rosarito: Gasoline CARBOB, Gasoline 87 conv, CARB ULS, CARB ULS diesel
  • Topolobampo: Gasoline CARBOB, CARB ULS diesel
  • Lazaro Cardenas: Gasoline CARBOB, Gasoline 87 conv, CARB ULS diesel, ULS diesel, Jet fuel


  • East coast Mexico: Ethanol, MTBE


  • East coast Mexico: Propane


Anyone with exposure to Mexico refined products markets will find the Argus Mexico Fuel Markets essential. Our subscribers include traders, planners, retailers, analysts, finance officers, senior executives, airlines, governments, regulators, refiners, transportation and logistics companies. 

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