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Argus Americas Asphalt

An Argus market service, published weekly

As the leading publication in asphalt, Argus Americas Asphalt offers a dynamic perspective on the North and Latin American markets. Historical prices are available dating back to 1998, facilitating charting and analysis of long-term trends.

Argus Americas Asphalt assesses the impact of crude prices, light-heavy crude differentials, and shifting crude slates on refiner decisions to produce asphalt. The service also provides alternative economic calculations that help users understand the economics that drive the production and trade of asphalt. These economics include coker yields and asphalt's value as a fuel oil blendstock.

Argus Asphalt Assessments

  • Barge and rail prices at the US Gulf, US Atlantic coast, and US Midcontinent
  • Rack prices at key locations across North America
  • Posted asphalt prices for Latin America
  • Department of Transportation asphalt indexes for key US states

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Key Features

  • Asphalt market prices for the US, Canada
  • Asphalt economic calculations, including blendstock values and coker yields
  • Precipitation and temperature forecasts for the US
  • Ocean and rail transportation costs  that model the cost of transporting asphalt into, out of, and around the Americas
  • Latin American asphalt pricing, featuring posted prices for markets in Mexico, Colombia, and costa Rica as well as historic pricing updates for key Argentinian markets
  • Industry relevant news
  • Transparent methodology
Market participants turn to Argus Americas Asphalt for accurate and relevant asphalt pricing and market information to help them make informed business decisions. Argus understands asphalt markets locally and globally and continues to develop content by responding to the market as it evolves.


Argus Asphalt Report subscribers include refiners, suppliers, traders, shippers, brokers, contractors involved in highway work, construction industry executives, highway officials, cement manufacturers, government policy planners, financial institutions, and asphalt additive and polymer manufacturers.

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