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Argus Global LNG

An Argus business intelligence service, published monthly

Argus Global LNG offers independent intelligence on international LNG markets featuring news, analysis and opinion. It addresses the demand for high level, strategic information by providing extensive coverage of LNG markets and production as well as shipping and supply and demand fundamentals.

Argus Global LNG provides monthly strategic analysis of the global LNG markets and is complemented by our Argus LNG Daily service. To stay informed of daily global LNG prices and news click here to read about Argus LNG Daily

Markets Covered

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Americas
  • Europe
  • Global LNG price review
  • LNG vessel fleet and order book data
  • LNG import volumes
  • European long term contract prices
  • Spot market natural gas prices (pipeline)
  • Japanese LNG vs crude
  • Spanish LNG vs electricity
  • US LNG vs Henry Hub
  • International spark spreads
  • Latest estimated gas imports and exports

Competing fuel analysis

  • Crude
  • International fuel oil prices
  • International gas oil prices
  • International electricity prices
  • International coal prices
  • International shipping fuel prices

Key Features

  • Company profiles, often based around an exclusive question and answer session with key senior officials
  • Country profiles
  • Global LNG projects, infrastructure and developments
  • LNG import prices by country of destination and origin
  • LNG fleet, shipping news and analysis
  • Easy-to-read graphs, tables and maps
  • In-depth strategic analysis and opinion

Argus Global LNG provides monthly coverage of the global LNG markets and is essential reading to ensure you stay informed of market movements, trends and developments in the industry and the latest LNG analysis.


Argus Global LNG subscribers include traders, middle and back office gas/LNG analysts, planners, risk managers, business development staff, brokers, governments, regulators, large gas/LNG companies, investment banks, senior executives, utilities, producers, generators and researchers seeking the latest global LNG analysis and market intelligence.

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  • Overview of the European gas and global LNG markets

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