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Argus European Natural Gas

An Argus market service, published daily

Argus European Natural Gas provides spot and forward gas prices as well as extensive market-moving news and analysis. This service features key European gas prices and indexes; day-ahead and front month UK National Balancing Point (NBP), TTF, Zeebrugge, Gaspool, NCG, Peg Nord, PSV, AOC, Belgian ZTP, Austria VTP, Czech Republic VTP, Slovak VTP, MGP (Hungary) and Turkey accompanied by information about trading activity. It also covers UK and Dutch spark spreads.

The market-appropriate methodology is developed through regular consultation with market participants. The methodology explains how Argus covers all major European traded gas markets, and acts as the foundation for assessments and deal-based indexes for these markets. View the Argus European Natural Gas methodology

Argus gas prices are used in supply contracts and mark-to-market, internal transfer and risk management purposes.

Markets Covered

All assessments are based on best bid and best offer available at end of day, timestamp 4:30pm.

Contracts quoted include:

  • Day-ahead
  • Week-ahead
  • Weekend
  • Current month
  • 1, 3, 5 months forward
  • 9, 21 quarters forward
  • 11 seasons forward
  • 2 calendar years forward


  • NBP — unit p/th
  • Zeebrugge — unit p/th and €/MWh
  • TTF — unit €/MWh
  • Gaspool — unit €/MWh
  • PEG Nord — unit €/MWh
  • PEG Sud — unit €/MWh
  • NCG — unit €/MWh
  • Austria VTP — unit €/MWh
  • PSV — unit €/MWh
  • AOC —  unit €/MWh
  • Belgian ZTP — unit €/MWh
  • Austria VTP — unit €/MWh
  • Czech VTP — unit €/MWh
  • Slovak VTP - unit €/MWh
  • MGP (Hungary) - unit €/MWh
  • Turkey — unit TL/’000m³ and $/’000m³ 
  • Argus monthly buy and sell indexes
  • Argus current month recorded deals indexes
  • UK and Dutch spark spreads

Key Features

  • Daily European gas prices, including UK beach prices and extensive market commentary
  • European gas news and analysis
  • European spark spreads
  • Exchange data
  • European weather forecasts
  • Easy to read charts and tables
  • Market snapshots
  • Market-appropriate methodology

Argus European Natural Gas provides daily coverage of the European gas markets and is essential reading to ensure you stay informed about daily market movements and the latest news and analysis.

Data and Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format, available only in Argus Direct. 

  • Turkish gas consumption and imports
  • LNG deliveries to Turkey
  • Dutch gas output from Groningen and small fields
  • Ukraine gas consumption and imports
  • Austrian gas and power supply and demand
  • Gas: Gazprom export pipeline sales by country
  • UK LNG imports and re-exports
  • Europe gas consumption by country
  • Italian power and gas data
  • Norwegian LNG exports
  • Slovak and Czech manufacturing output and gas consumption
  • Hungary gas demand and manufacturing data
  • German manufacturing data, gas supply, demand and border prices
  • Botas monthly balancing price
  • Algeria gas fundamentals and exports


Argus European Natural Gas subscribers include traders, middle and back office gas analysts, planners, risk managers, business development, brokers, governments, regulators, gas companies, banks, senior executives, utilities, producers, generators and researchers seeking the latest European gas prices, market commentary and analysis.

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Market-appropriate methodology

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