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Argus Far East Index / AFEI (LPG)

The Argus Far East IndexTM(AFEITM) price is the leading spot benchmark for LPG in the markets east of Suez. It is used in physical and derivatives markets for term and spot LPG contracts. It is actively referenced by Middle East producers, major oil companies, traders and financial institutions including end-users in Japan, South Korea and China.

The AFEI price is derived using a daily average of Argus cfr Japan and Argus cfr South China large cargo assessments, for both propane and butane. Produced daily, the AFEI assessment remains the most balanced and independent price for spot propane and butane markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The AFEI price is available exclusively through subscription to the Argus International LPG service, a daily market report which provides key price benchmarks and commentary for globally traded LPG.

As well as the AFEI price, Argus International LPG also includes the key European benchmarks, the Argus North Sea IndexTM (ANSITM) price and the cif ARA large cargo assessment. There are ANSI and cif ARA large indexes for both propane and butane.

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