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Argus Russian Generation Fuels and Power

An Argus market service, published weekly in Russian

Argus Russian Generation Fuels and Power is a comprehensive report covering domestic electricity, coal, fuel oil and natural gas markets. It includes price assessments, news, analysis and detailed industry statistics.

The market commentary covers price movements, changes in supply and demand of generation fuels, outages of power plants and grids, fuel price changes, fluctuations in water resources of hydropower plants and other fundamental factors.

Markets Covered

  • Price assessments for the domestic Russian coal market and Russian coal price netback
  • Coal long-term contracts for generation companies and utilities
  • Russian fuel oil market overview
  • Power and capacity trading results
  • Regulated natural gas tariffs
  • Power generation costs for different types of fuel in several regions of Russia (spark and dark spreads)
  • Coal supply statistics by producer and destination

Key Features

  • Independent price assessments
  • Overview of forthcoming market developments
  • Important industry statistical data
  • Market-appropriate methodology


Argus Russian Generation Fuels and Power helps customers monitor and better understand the market potentials and possible risks, take more informed decisions on the basis of reliable and timely price assessments, market moving news and comprehensive analytical commentary.


The information provided in the Argus Russian Generation Fuels and Power report is essential for energy producers, traders and consumers, analysts and consultants and other power generation market participants.

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