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Argus Americas Biofuels

An Argus market service, published daily

Argus Americas Biofuels is a daily report covering the physical spot market for ethanol and other renewable fuels across the US—New York Harbor, Chicago, the west coast, the Gulf coast and the US corn belt—and Latin America—Argentina and Brazil.

Markets Covered

  • Ethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • RINs
  • LCFS
  • Feedstocks
  • Byproducts

RINs Coverage

The daily service covers renewable identification numbers (RINs) in four markets: renewable D6 RINs, biomass-based diesel D4 RINs and advanced biofuel D5 RINs, and cellulosic biofuel D3 RINs. Argus publishes current and prior year RINs and may have up to four vintages of RINs assessed side by side for each RIN category, depending on liquidity. Assessments are based on the high and low trades throughout the entire day.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive tables of deals done for ethanol, RINs and biodiesel
  • Renewable volume obligation
  • Forward curves for ethanol in Chicago and New York
  • Extensive coverage of Brazilian ethanol markets
  • Argentinean and Brazilian biodiesel
  • Spot waterborne arbitrage updates
  • Market moving news and analysis
  • Market-appropriate methodology
Argus Americas Biofuels gives readers a clear understanding of ethanol and biodiesel markets in the Americas in addition to comprehensive coverage of renewable credit markets. This includes a comparative look at ethanol and biodiesel, as well as profitability measures for producing biofuels.

Argus’ methodology is clear and consistent. Rigorous compliance standards leave no room for interpretation on pricing or methodologies.


Companies who need to comply with US renewables policies find Argus US Ethanol essential to daily business. These include fuel industry participants such as oil refiners, fuel importers and gasoline blenders.


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