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Argus Spot Ticker: Now you have the power to meet the market head-on

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Argus Spot Ticker provides real-time transparency to the US markets for gasoline, diesel, heating oil, ethanol and RINs throughout the day.

Market volatility has caused fluctuating prices every trading day for the past decade. 
In this ever-changing market, saving a few cents on each load helps you stay competitive.

A market change of only $.02 multiplied by a purchase of 7,500 gallons can save you $150.00 per load. That would be a savings of $4,500 for 30 loads.

Argus Spot Ticker gives you the information you need to adjust your fuel purchasing/selling strategy every minute of every day.

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 What is Argus Spot Ticker?


Protect your margins


Optimize timing
of buy/sell decisions

Price volatility arrows

Manage exposure
to fuel price volatility


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