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12 April 2018
Tajikistan diversifies LPG imports

12 March 2018
Argus opens new Africa office in Cape Town

6 February 2018
Indonesian coal derivatives market launches with cleared trade on first day

2 February 2018
Argus launches first ever Chinese UCO and UCOME price assessments

31 January 2018
Kazakhstan turns to Argus to value transport fuel imports

25 January 2018
Argus expands operations with new Mexico City office

2 January 2018
Indonesian coal futures to launch on 20 January

16 October 2017
Argus chairman and CEO wins international entrepreneur of the year accolade

9 October 2017
Argus completes sixth annual benchmark review

1 October 2017
Argus enters top 10 in leading UK business league table

17 September 2017
Argus appoints Matthew Burkley as Chief Operating Officer

7 September 2017
Norway selects Argus as oil market adviser

1 September 2017
Andrew Given confirmed as Argus CFO

10 July 2017

PetroPeru uses Argus to price gasoline and diesel imports

27 June 2017
Argus selected to price Japanese coking coal imports

19 June 2017
Argus launches US Gulf coast crude markers for Asia-Pacific markets

9 June 2017
BPCL uses Argus prices for naphtha exports

24 May 2017
CSX, Wayne Farms awarded prestigious 2017 Argus Win-Win

18 May 2017
Rising exports drive first palm kernel shell price index

19 March 2017 
New price transparency for leading world bunker and fuel hub

13 March 2017
Argus launches market report bringing greater transparency to Mexico’s evolving refined products sector

7 December 2016
Argus launches new pricing tools for the Brazilian ethanol market

10 October 2016
Argus completes fifth annual benchmark assurance review

2 October 2016
Argus enters leading UK business league table

26 September 2016
Mexico adopts Argus McCloskey API 2 price for coal imports

2 September 2016
US crude exports competitive to Asia-Pacific, new delivered Argus prices show

5 July 2016
Rising spot trade drives first Middle East-India LNG price index

25 May 2016
Argus honors Covanta, CSX with prestigious Win-Win Award

23 May 2016
Argus welcomes General Atlantic as strategic investor

19 May 2016
 Moldova switches to Argus to calculate the price of autogas

11 April 2016
Russia launches oil product netbacks for three vast areas

4 April 2016
Argus wins data quality award

9 March 2016
New Argus WTI Houston crude oil futures trade

19 February 2016
Argus becomes the source for calculating Russian crude extraction tax

6 January 2016
Opec adopts Argus pricing

12 November 2015
Argus brings clarity to South African jet fuel pricing

9 October 2015
Argus extends annual benchmark assurance review to fertilizers and petrochemicals

1 October 2015
Argus launches Brazilian fertilizer information service

17 September 2015
Argus welcomes positive Iosco report on implementation of PRA Principles

6 August 2015
Mideast Gulf LPG spot trade flourishes led by Qatari supplies

12 July 2015
Argus named a top UK exporter for fourth year running

30 June 2015
Neil Bradford appointed Argus chief executive

29 May 2015
Argus honors Kansas City Southern de Mexico, Pemex, Bulkmatic with prestigious Win-Win Award

19 May 2015
Iraq's new Basrah Heavy to become third-biggest freely traded Mideast Gulf crude stream

18 May 2015
Largest US MTA switches fuel price indexation to Argus

15 May 2015
Ecuador launches 'eco' gasoline fuel based on Argus ethanol price

22 April 2015
Changing West Africa oil markets create new information needs

21 April 2015
Argus wins prized UK business award for third time

2 April 2015
Argus appoints Sean Watson to board

26 February 2015
Argus launches WTI Houston assessment

20 January 2015
Argus expands operations to Riga

20 January 2015
Colombia adopts Argus coking coal and freight assessments in volatile market

12 January 2015
Argus acquires MetalPrices.com, expands metals coverage

9 December 2014
Opec member Ecuador adopts ASCI price for crude exports

18 November 2014
Portugal launches fuel reference prices based on Argus

28 October 2014
Argus expands conference portfolio to fuel oil, acquires the Energy Conference from Frank Swierz

13 October 2014
Argus extends and completes third review of energy benchmarks process in line with IOSCO PRA requirements

3 October 2014 
Rare earths market at pivotal point ahead of new China policies

2 October 2014
Tax values for new Russian offshore fields to be calculated on Argus-based formulas

19 September 2014
South Africa’s energy minister calls for “paradigm shift” in LPG

9 September 2014
Argus welcomes IOSCO’s positive report on implementation of the IOSCO PRA Principles

5 September 2014
Argus nominated for prestigious customer focus award in Singapore

15 August 2014
Asia-Pacific condensate market transformation prompts new Argus index

13 July 2014
Argus climbs rankings of UK’s fastest growing exporters

8 July 2014
Argus welcomes Ofgem support for extending Iosco PRA principles

2 July 2014
Propylene expected to more than double its output by 2017

27 June 2014
Turkmenistan chooses Argus as energy price information source

18 June 2014
­US may be headed for methanol glut by 2018

11 June 2014
Argus launches daily price assessments for swaps settled against the API 8 benchmark

09 June 2014
Argus DeWitt launches daily olefins report

6 June 2014
Argus launches first month-ahead index for Australia’s Wallumbilla gas market

29 May 2014
Argus launches line space assessment for Colonial pipeline

29 May 2014
Arkansas and Missouri Railroad, APAC-Central awarded prestigious 2014 Argus Win-Win

15 May 2014
Argus launches US refined products forward curves

6 May 2014
Argus acquires Metal-Pages, extends metals coverage

2 May 2014
Argus and IHS launch new API coal index in Asia-Pacific

23 April 2014
Argus/IHS API 8™ thermal coal futures contracts to be listed by HKEx

31 March 2014
Argus DeWitt launches butadiene annual

12 March 2014
SGX to List API 4 and API 5 Indexes from Argus and IHS McCloskey in Asia Pacific

12 March 2014
Argus acquires Wax Data, expands base oils and petrochemical coverage

11 March 2014
Argus DeWitt launches benzene annual

3 February 2014
Argus Media is the first PRA to complete and publish a generation fuel and coking coal benchmark review in line with IOSCO requirements

14 January 2014 
Chile’s Enap switches to Argus for oil products price information

6 January 2014
Argus launches spot cfr east coast India coal assessments

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